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Ms. Tracy Richardson » Need To Know Letter

Need To Know Letter

Ms. Richardson’s Basic Need

To Know Information

For Math Class



Essentials for Algebra teaches essential pre-algebra content and provides students with an introduction to traditional Algebra 1 content that is cohesive and clear.


Course Materials:

             We will be using SRA Essentials for Algebra text and workbook. Textbooks and workbooks will be checked out. Students are expected to keep notebook (Math Journals) for math notes and assignments. There will be “cubbies” available in my classroom if students prefer to keep their textbook, workbook, and/or notebook in the room rather than their lockers. Please keep materials in the same shape in which they were received. I really hate submitting fine slips. 



            Homework is assigned thoughtfully and only when the task is challenging, critical, novel or important. Whatever I assign is meant to deepen understanding.  As long as students are engaged and putting forth their best efforts in class, homework will be a rare occurrence.


Course Grading:

            Tests, quizzes, in-class or homework assignments, and classroom preparation will be the basis for grading. Grades are based on total points earned.


Grading Scale:

A   90-100%         B 80-89%               C 70-79%                D 60-69%                F below 60%



Coming to class prepared and on time is a high expectation I have for math class. Time is precious.  It is expected that pencils (pens are not allowed for math), school planner, and any other materials be brought to math class every day


Absentee/Make-up Policy:

            If there is an absence, students should check with me to understand what was missed and what is expected of them to make up the work. Students may have to arrange to stay after school or come in before school to take a missed test or quiz.  

            Students may re-do an assignment or retake a test or quiz only after they have invested time into additional learning. For example, staying after school or coming in before school to review material with a friend or myself.  Prepare and try for your best the first time.


Late Work:

Due dates are important in school and the real world. I provide written and oral reminders and have assignments written on the board. Students should have their planners to help keep track of due dates.  Assignments may be handed in on the day they are due until 3:00 pm. After that time, the assignment is marked LATE and will receive a maximum of 75% credit. The student has until the end of the unit to hand in a late assignment.


Backpacks and Cell Phone:

          Backpacks and cell phones will not be allowed in the classroom. For the safety of the students and staff, backpacks are to be left in lockers; not in hallways or classrooms.

            If cell phones are seen or heard, they will be taken away and placed in the vault at the office. Parents will be notified.


The Lincoln Middle School Student Handbook applies to my classroom and will be referred to as needed and necessary throughout the school year.



Additional Information for Math Class:


I will do my best to contact parents about grades, missing assignments and/or behaviors as necessary. Parents can contact me anytime as well by calling the school, 872-4400 or e-mailing me at

Students can talk to me about their grades, assignments or other things as well.  I have an open door policy although sometimes we might have to arrange a time to talk I am happy to discuss concerns or provide help after school hours. If you feel you need to call me at home, my number is (307) 747-8817. This number is available for text messaging as well.