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Mrs. Christina Brady » 8h grade Science and Honors Science

8h grade Science and Honors Science

Welcome to 8th grade Science!  This year starts an exciting new year for me as I am teaching 8th grade (after years of teaching 7th grade!) and we embark on a new resource for teaching science called AMPLIFY.  

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Week of Nov. 5th

Week of November 5th
Monday - In-class review and reteach for retake of DA,   students who are proficient will have an extension project to work on
***Additional time to review with Mrs. Brady will be Monday and Tuesday after school, and Wednesday morning 
***Retakes will be allowed Thursday and Friday (the 8th and 9th) before and after school and during lunch  (I get here by 7 am)
Tuesday - Day 2 of internship - design, build and test of egg drops
Wednesday -
Thursday - 
Friday - 


AMPLIFY is the new science program we are using in 6th, 7th and 8th grade science classes.    Every day students need to bring charged Chromebooks to class, as they will be used everyday to complete classwork, labs, and homework.
This program is very day-to-day with instruction, so if a student misses a classes they fall behind on the building of information.   Students can complete assignments at home, but may have to make-up the hands-on labs and filling in their science notebooks.