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In order to involve parents in TEAMING FOR SUCCESS, report cards are issued at the conclusion of each nine-week quarter. Parent/Teacher Conferences will be conducted twice during the year. Mid-term reports will be sent home for all students. Parents are advised to discuss their concerns with their son’s/daughter’s teacher.

Parents do not have to wait until Parent/Teacher Conferences; please feel free to communicate at anytime during school hours.

Lincoln’s grading policy is as follows:

A=100-90% B=89-80% C=79-70% D=69-60% F=59-0%

I=Missing work that can still be made up.


At Lincoln Middle school we have created a data system to accurately place students into English/Reading

classes. Placements are based upon the following data.

1. PAWS –Proficiency Assessment of Wyoming Students (Yearly)

2. MAP – Measurement of Academic Progress (Fall, Winter, Springs)

Data Placement – Average of seven longitudinal data points (PAWS, MAP)

Initial Score | Placement Score

Purple – Above Grade Level advanced 4 points | Purple – (3.00 – 4.00)

Green – On grade level proficient 3 points Green | (2.50 – 3.00)

Yellow – Below grade level strategic 2 points Yellow | (1.50 – 2.49)

Red – Below grade level intensive 1 point Red | (0 -1.49)